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Room Reservations


To reserve a room, click the date and select "Create Reservation" to complete the requested information.  Your reservation will be reviewed and confirmed by return email. Room questions and changes should be directed to Darlene Sevier (dsevier@lsu.edu), except for Room A663 which should be directed to John Quebedeaux (johnq@lsu.edu).  


View all room schedules by week (Login not required)


MyLSU login required to view individual room schedules


Annex Auditorium - Room A101 - Seating capacity for 110, multimedia facility, desktop PC available


Annex Lobby - Limited tables and chairs available, additional can be ordered through facility services at your cost.


Annex Conference Room - Room A245 - Seating capacity for 20, multimedia facility, must provide laptop


Annex Conference Room - Room A347 - Seating capacity for 20, multimedia facility, must provide laptop


Conference Room - Room 28, LSB - Seating capacity for 25, limited multimedia


Teaching Lab - Room 100A, LSB and Teaching Lab - Room 100B, LSB - Seating capacity for 8-10 per lab, PC use suggested


Annex Conference Room - Room A663 - Seating capacity for 16, video conferencing, teleconferencing, and A/V use - contact John Quebedeaux Jr (johnq@lsu.edu) for instruction and questions to using this facility. If you haven’t used the A/V system in this room, contact John before use.