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Graduate Student Resources

New Student Orientation 


LSU Graduate School Orientation:  TBA


Department of Biological Sciences Orientation: TBA


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Graduate Student Organization




Frequently Asked Questions


From Prospective Students

What are the deadlines to apply?
Our official deadlines are 15 October for January admission and 10 January for August admission.  We will accept applications after the deadline, and often these can be considered in full, but we only have a limited number of support lines to offer and these may fill before late applications arrive.


What are the minimum requirements for admission?
The LSU Graduate School requires a Bachelor's degree with a 3.0 GPA.  Under exceptional situations, this can be waived for one semester on the stipulation that a 3.0 GPA be met and maintained throughout graduate study at LSU.


In addition, the Department has required a minimum combined (Verbal and Quantitative) GRE score of 1100, or about 306 combined under the new scoring system.


Is tuition paid for?
Yes, this is part of your support package.  You are responsible for additional University fees, however, which total about $850 a semester.


From Current Students

Can any credits from my previous graduate study transfer to LSU?
Yes, up to 12.  Remember that your class requirements still depend on what your Qualifying Exam Committee sees as adequate to prepare you for your thesis studies.


How many members does my Qualifying Committee require?
A minimum of three, at least two of theme full members of the Department.


How do I schedule my Qualifying Exam?
You can do this on your own: contact Prissy (Grad Office) or Melinda (202 LSB) to schedule a room.  You will need to download a Doctoral Degree Audit form as well. 


How many members does by General Exam committee require?
A minimum of four; at least two full Department members, plus a Dean's Representative to be assigned by the Graduate School.


How do I schedule my General Exam?
You will need to file a Request for General Exam  to the Grad School via Prissy to get approval for the exam at least three weeks prior.  You can schedule a room and time on your own, although you'll need to hear back from the Grad School on who your Dean's Rep will be.


How do I get a Dean's Rep for my General Exam?
The Grad School will appoint one.  This is part of the reason they need the three-week leadtime.  The Grad School will notify Prissy of the Dean's Rep's name and contact info and she will pass it along to the student and the major professor.


How do I schedule my exit seminar?
Enroll in BIOL 7921 and set a date with the appropriate seminar series (CDIB/BMB or SEE).  To complete your degree that same semester, you will have to defend and turn in your thesis by about six weeks before commencement - be sure to check early with Prissy on the exact deadline.  See the Request for Final Exam here.


How do I get degree-only status?
This is granted by the Graduate School, not the Department, and requires that the final defense has been completed and the thesis submitted.